Packaging lightsdΒΆ

lightsd has already been packaged for:

Here is what you need to know to build lightsd in order to be distributed:

  • make sure CMake’s build type is set to RELEASE;

  • lightsd needs a runtime directory, this must be configured via CMake using LGTD_RUNTIME_DIRECTORY (e.g: /run/lightsd);

  • lightsd needs a lightsd user, make sure it is created when the package gets installed and make sure the user is informed, e.g:

    lightsd runs under the `lightsd' user and group by default; add yourself
    to this group to be able to open lightsd's socket and pipe under
      gpasswd -a $USER lightsd
    Re-open your current desktop or ssh session for the change to take effect.
    Then use systemctl to start lightsd; you can start playing with lightsd
      $(lightsd --prefix)/share/lightsd/examples/
  • make sure lightsd is built with hardening flags;

  • make sure the protocol documentation and the examples are properly shipped.

Overall, I’m all in favor of a tight collaboration between up and downstream and have enough experience to package lightsd myself on pretty much any operating system; most of it will be automated with the release process down the road. What I really need is help to get lightsd in official distribution channels and repositories.